Sunday dinner

WP_20151025_05_51_39_ProThe clocks went back last night and so when I woke up early it was ridiculously early. I got up at 5.30, made coffee and blueberry protein pancakes for my first breakfast. I’m supposed to be eating every 4 to five hours so it makes sense that if you start early you have to have another meal, right? There was some pancake batter left over that I added cocoa powder to to make a couple of pancakes for a snack later.

I was out before 9.30am to Morrison’s for a decidedly lacklustre breakfast number 2 and to do my shopping. I had three rashers of bacon, two poached eggs done in moulds and very sterile looking and two halves of tomato, barely grilled. Back at home I made a satay-style dressing for a vegetable salad I plan to have for lunch this week. It was a version of a Nigella Lawson recipe but without sweet chilli sauce. I used a few drops of hot chilli sauce and some water instead. I cooked a big pan of wholegrain rice to freeze in 1 cup portions. I had a protein shake to keep me going through the afternoon which I spent helping a friend build furniture.

WP_20151025_18_03_19_ProI had a cooking session when I got home; preparing for the week ahead and making my dinner. I got the oven on and oiled up a free range chicken that I roasted to have for lunches during the week. I prepared the salad that I will dress in the satay sauce in the morning. I also made flatbreads out of cauliflower and egg. Four I flavoured with thyme and lemon and then one larger one with nigella seeds to make a cauliflower naan bread. I haven’t tasted them yet but the night is young and I can afford to eat another 400 calories today. I decided to make coconut flour Yorkshire puddings to turn my roast pork in to a proper Sunday dinner. I was a bit tired by this time and so was pleased to have pork fillet that would cook in in fifteen minutes. I had it with a quarter cup of wholegrain rice, cabbage and carrots, two of the Yorkshire puddings and gravy that I made from some chicken stock concentrate, deglazed pork pan juices and some agar flakes for thickening.



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